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Name:Subject Theta
Subject Name: Dale Jesse Collins
Subject Age: 26
Subject Height: 5'10"
Subject Weight: 180#
Subject Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Subject Designation: Theta (Θ)

Born into male-dominated household, graduated high school with high marks in mathematics. Took factory job at sixteen. Enlisted into the Army before the draft. Promoted to PFC after saving a fellow troop member in Europe. Spoke often of wanting to have a family when returning from overseas. Returned to Chicago to find job taken by woman, no employment opportunities available. Signed on for construction in Rapture. Formerly lived in Pauper's Drop.

Reason For Entry Into Protector Program:
Collins was found aggressive and combative when speaking to his superiors. Further investigation exposed ties to Doctor Sofia Lamb's underground movement. Subversive. Sentenced to Persephone. Performed well in Plasmid testing. Given history, subject considered ideal for Protector program.

Easily adapted into Protector program, methods working perfectly. Very successful in trials. Bond with his Gatherer is strong, perhaps stronger than most. Quite suited for purpose. Satisfactory transition. Approved for the field.

Admirable performance until today. Splicers were able to attack and kill his Gatherer. Security footage shows them performing a distraction maneuver to draw him away from the Gatherer, then executing and taking her ADAM. He went into a higher Rage then than even his conditioning was meant to incite. He returned to the laboratory with her in one arm and the severed heads of the splicers in the other. He is currently in a holding cell to see what the results will be.

Addendum #2:
Today, Subject Theta managed to break out of his holding cell. It took nearly ten hours to bring him back. We found him in front of a Gatherer's Garden, crying. It's a sound I never want to hear again.

Addendum #3:
We have had to temporarily assign all Protectors outside of the cell block where Theta was held. He drilled his way through the wall and has escaped into the ocean. The Alpha Protectors are outside repairing the damage so we can once more open the block. We lost many people to this, but they knew the risks when they signed on to this duty. We have no doubt we'll find Theta's body on a patrol. He can't stave off his condition reaction for long.


For years, Theta has walked the floor of the ocean, a heavy bag crafted from fishing nets that had sprawled to the bottom dragging behind him. With every step, he has scoured the ocean floor, finding and collecting ADAM slugs, and only surviving thanks to the psychosis that his Little Sister is alive. He has convinced himself that bringing back all of the ADAM he can find is the way to win her back thanks to his failing her with the splicer attacks. In his mind, she is alive and waiting, despite his witnessing her corpse.

Over the years, he has done his best to repair his suit as time, sea life, and movement have worn parts of it into disrepair. Still, he works, laboring in devotion and love to try to bring his Little Sister back to his care with no knowledge of the futility of his self-given mission.

[I do not own Bioshock or make any claim as such. I only own the character of Theta, inspired by two of the Bioshock 2 audio diaries.]
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